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AI - Crorepati

At any given time, a customer must have made a minimum purchase of ₹.6,666/=, at least once in a single transaction to get allotted to a loyalty card called “AI Crorepati”, AI Crorepati card holder will enjoy all additional benefits like cash discounts covering extra reward points & loyalty promotion discounts, other benefits like free delivery & insurance cover that is higher than AI Millionaire card holder. A customer on attaining a total shopping worth ₹.79,992/= or above in a year from the date of his first minimum purchase value, and having maintained not less than ₹.6,666/= or above in each purchase, he or she becomes eligible for a prize draw of Rs.100,00,000/=.

AI Crorepati card is valid for 365 days & at times the same can be extended.

AI Crorepati card gets expired at the end of 365 days or once on the day the draw is over & the winner is announced or whichever is earlier. The winner gets Rupees one crore (Rs.100,00,000/=) prize which is redeemable for future purchases.

Loyalty program participants have advantages over the others. As a member, you will get access to bigger discounts, top-secret offers, privileges in order management, super-fast information sharing and so on. The number of advantages depends on the program status.