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This notice is issued by ARHA RETAIL PLACE PVT LTD ( OPC), on its behalf, hereinafter referred to collectively as ‘’.

It is to bring to your notice that certain persons / Firms may mislead job aspiring candidate(s) and may fraudulently promise jobs in On that excuse, they may convince the job ambitious candidates to share with small or huge amounts under the pretext of security deposits, registration fees, charges or in any form. These persons with their own deceitful strategies might cheat the job seeking applicants and yet issue false and fake appointment letters and other related documents. Moreover, may issue fake ‘Appointment or Recruitment Letters’, on our behalf, ARHA RETAIL PLACE PV.T LTD., in exchange for a payment.

Please be advised that, , ARHA RETAIL PLACE PV.T LTD. or has not authorized any persons / agencies or firms to conduct enrollment on its behalf.

In the event of appointing or staffing, we (ARHA RETAIL PLACE PV.T LTD. or do it directly on our site, Therefore we alert all “Applicants” in advance not to trust any agencies or individuals claiming to be , ARHA RETAIL PLACE PV.T LTD. or representatives or agents and charging any form of fees for their facilities.

We, , ARHA RETAIL PLACE PV.T LTD. or does not and will not lobby any amounts from applicants on any occasion of any kind.

Any individual or person or applicant or organization dealing with unauthorized persons or parties is doing so at their own will and risk. ARHA RETAIL PLACE PV.T LTD. or or its associates are not accountable for any losses (monetary or otherwise) or damages that may be incurred by the candidates as a consequence. ARHA RETAIL PLACE PV.T LTD. or or its associates will also not have any sort of obligation or obligations to offer employment to anyone who has been issued a fraudulent OFFER LETTER, or to offer any other recourse whatsoever.

Issued in Public Interest by: ARHA RETAIL PLACE PV.T LTD (OPC)