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AI Vendor Development Associate's (VDA's) FAQ’s


1. What do you mean by Vendor Development Associates (VDAs)?

One who is an independent individual or an organization or partners, and external vendor (seller) developers who promotes in bringing sellers to sell online on for some valuable commission.

2. How does the VDAs get paid? And is there any locking period?

It is an arrangement that allows VDAs to earn one time fixed amount per SELLER ( solely developed by VDA) plus a certain percentage of commission on every sale of that seller other than the sellers developed by us. The locking period for payment of commission on each seller is two (2) years from the date of initiation of seller listing. After which no commission is received for that seller, although the seller continues to sell with us. However if the seller breaks his seller contract or gets terminated for any reason at any time then you are not entitled for commission with immediate effect. The commissions are paid only when the seller’s sale is complete in all respects.

3. Who can apply for a VDA?

Everyone is eligible to apply to this assignment, whether you run a large or small commercial business development activity, or an individual or a fresher who is capable enough to develop online sellers to sell their products through our marketplace site, the

4. How do I know if I am selected for a VDA?

After having reviewed your online application, you will be notified to your registered mail whether approved or disapproved within 2 weeks’ time from the date of our receiving your completed application. However, we reserve the right to disapprove any request or membership at our sole discretion, particularly if your application is incomplete.

5. To become an AI VDA, do I have to pay charges?

No, we don’t charge any signup fee or any sort of fee. It is an absolute free registration.

6. Will there be any cancellation fee, if I choose to cancel participation as a VDA or in case of termination of my VDA contract or agreement?

Not really. But refer our VDA’s Agreement for more details.

7. Can I become a VDA if I live outside the Republic of India?

At the moment certainly no. It is open to citizens of India alone based in India. But soon there will be openings for some african countries which will be published later in this year.

8. Will I be getting any monthly salary or maintenance charges?

Yes, if you are observed into our payroll after successful completion of your probation period of 6 (six) months which will be let known at that time of confirmation. Right now you will be entitled for commission and other fee framed in our rate card.

9. How much I can earn in a month?

It all depends how much value time that you spare & how you team up to convince the number of sellers in listing on to our site, However, it is forecasted that an aggressive and successful VDA can make a reasonable average of 5 to 6 figure income or even more. If you work agressively in line with company's seller development targets, your earnings will be matchless.


10. What are the benefits that I can get in the long run?

The more you bring in the sellers, the more you earn.

We pay you more than others.

We grow together.

You can work from anywhere either from your home or at a place that is most convenient to you.

You can do other business of yours while in association with us so you have greater scope for your business expansion.


11. How do I submit my application?

Step1: Before submitting your application, we advise you to read the Vendor Development Associates (VDA’s) Agreement which is a mandatory to agree its contents for those who wants to associate with us as a VDA.

Step2: Go to our “Carrier Openings” and click on it, displays a dropdown menu, select “Current Openings”, complete the form and then click on “SUBMIT” button. That’s it.

Having submitted, you will be reviewed within 2 weeks time excluding Saturdays & Sundays besides public holidays.

12. How do I know if my registration is successful?

Once you submitted your online application, you will be displayed with an instant alert message of successful submission on the screen. Besides this an automated computer generated e mail will be sent to you as an acknowledgement, stating: “Thank you for having shown your interest to join us as a VDA - State/UT. We will keep in touch with you soon.

13. How do I know that I have been selected for a VDA Post?

All approved candidates will be notified within 2 to 4 weeks’ time from the date of your submission without errors.

14. What will be my core responsibility as a VDA?

The core responsibility for a VDA is to keep up with your work ethics.


15. Where do I find my account information & commission?

Only approved VDA’s will be given access to all their entitled commission rates and so on.

16. How do I know my complete task explanation and duties, and other details?

All selected VDA’s will be unfolded with all related details only after having cleared and submitted with all the required documents.