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A. Consultancy Definition: In this online business of ours, the word “ CONSULTANCY “ means is working with customer or clients and advising & giving info through verbal conversation. We sit down with you, study about your business, its goals, and assist you formulate sales & marketing strategies to see the fruits of your business.

B. Transform your business by selling with us & get our free expert support in sales and marketing strategies & you concentrate on your products inventory.

C. Whenever you are stuck or you want us to help you in Sales & marketing, we are always there to help you out at free of cost.

D. We will support you in strategizing the most innovative strategies that will transform your business form.

E. We will ensure that you will take all Initiatives which will be with a focus on income, market share & profitability.

F. You will get every help in the following:

a. Backend operations.

b. Product innovation & diversification.

c. Process Innovation & Services.

d. Transforming sick unit to a profitable business entity.

e. And many more.