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1. When can I refer a friend? Do I need an account with

To refer a friend you have to register yourself and buy something from that means you need to have an account as a customer with If you don’t have an account, simply register shop online and then begin referring friends! Get paid.

2. How and when can I redeem my reward?

Finally, once your friend has purchased the intended products from then you would be getting the assigned commission which can be redeemed against your future purchases.

The reward is a compensation that is credited into your account; only, after your friend has concluded his or her purchase transaction in all respects which will be notified as and when such purchases are completed.

5. How do I know that I have been rewarded or disapproved?

You need to Sign In & keep checking your account under the heading “Affiliates” for the awarded commission. But you will not be able to see or access if your account is pending for approval or disapproved

6. How many rewards can I receive?

You can receive your reward as many as you can, A customer can invite many friends but only one invitation to one friend. In otherworld’s you can invite your friend only once which means you will get paid only once for that friend

7. What happens if my friend cancels his order?

In that case, you will not be paid. But, at any time if your friend makes a new purchase with your link, you will be eligible for the reward.

8. How can I see the referral plan & status of my reward?

You will be able to see the details of your current referral plan, status and history by signing into your account. Only approved customers to invite a friend will be able to see all these details under affiliate section.

9. As a customer what will be seen in our account?

Once you sign in, you will be able to see:

Your profile details which can be modified at any time.

Your “Affiliate Plan” for Inviting A Friend & Be Paid, your Affiliate ID all under “Affiliates” section.

Your Reward Points for referring a friend.

Your earnings (commission) like year-wise, month-wise, week-wise & day-wise.

Your order wise Payout Sales details.

10. As a customer can I become a Pro Affiliate?

Yes but you need to have a website of your own.

11. Being a customer how can I become a Pro Affiliate?

It’s simple, by clicking on “BECOME A PRO AFFILIATE” button which is at the bottom of Affiliate section. Having clicked you will be alerted with a display i.e., “Notice: Your request has been sent to the administrator. After your account is approved, you will become the super-affiliate!”.

12. Can I know more about Pro Affiliates?

To get to know more, you may please refer the Sales Affiliates FAQ’s & Vendor Development Affiliates FAQ’s under separate sections like “Sales Affiliates Be Paid” & “VDA’s Be Paid”.

13. In case if I have decided to come out of an affiliate package and retain my membership as a customer, what should I do?

Simply sign in & in profile section, change the account type to customer from affiliate and click on “Revert” button next to “Save” button which is at the bottom & then save again. Immediately an alert message will be displayed stating that “Information The profile data has been updated successfully”.

14. How do I encash the reward points or bonuses or commission?

You can encash it as a discount for your future purchase.

15. What happens if I don’t buy anything?

You will not be able to encash it & additionally if you do not encash it within the specified period then you may have to lose all your earned commission.