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1. What do you mean by an Affiliate?

One who is an individual or an organization or partners, publishers, and external marketers that promotes offers and they are customarily publishers like web site holders or mobile applications holders, media purchasers, or ad networks. In otherworld’s, for instance the Content/blogging sites, Coupon sites, Deal sites, Loyalty/reward sites etc. can be an affiliates.

2. What is an Affiliate Package or Program ?

It is a service that allows websites to earn sales commission by driving or motivating customers to our site for ultimate purchase. And you are going to do this by posting links on your site. . Each and every time, you refer a visitor to us via your site and that visitor becomes a customer, only when makes a purchase of a qualified product (having come through that link ), then you earn a commission as set forth in the package.

2. Who is eligible for an Affiliate Package or Program?

Everybody is eligible to apply to this package, whether you run a large or small commercial web site, a small personal blog, owners of opt-in e-mail newsletters, a non-profit site, or any type of websites (as long as they do not contain offensive materials, hate speech, etc.).

4. How do I know if I am selected for the Affiliate Program?

After having reviewed your online application, you will be notified to your registered mail whether approved or disapproved. However, we reserve the right to disapprove any request or membership at our sole discretion, particularly if the site or e-mail list contains offensive material, contributes in unwanted e-mailing, is a "parasite", or if it violates the Affiliate Agreement.

5.To become an affiliate, do I have to pay affiliate registration fee or any other charges?

No, we don’t charge any signup fee or any sort of fee. It is an absolute free registration.

6. Will there be any cancellation fee, if I choose to cancel affiliate membership or it get cancelled?

Not really.

7. Can I become an affiliate if I live outside the Republic of India?

Certainly yes to all applications from all over the world but then on condition that you are driving the target customers to whom the sale of products & shipping is open.

8. If I have numerous sites, does it require submission of separate application for each one?

Not really. It is a onetime registration and you can have multiple sites as an Affiliate, still, if you wish to add such numerous websites then you must update us with the same to get those site approved. But every website you own has to undergo a review and we reserve the right to disapprove at our sole discretion, if they are not in line with our affiliate package agreement.

9. Can I apply, even if I don't have a Web site.?

No. You need to have at least one.

10. Can I know the affiliate commission rate of yours?1

The commission is between 2% and 15% which varies from category to category. However, you will be let known in detail once you are a registered approved affiliate member.

11. Are there any special discounts on my own purchases?

No, but if you buy through your specific links then you would be earning commission for that sale.

12. What will be the minimum average value of an order in a single transaction?

The estimated average value of any order is about Rs. 1000.00 and Rs.6000 but it can be more or even less depending on various factors.

13. What will be the minimum average value of an order in a single transaction?

The estimated average value of any order is in between 4 and 5 figure but it can be more or even less depending on various factors.


14. Why should I join as your affiliate?1

It all depends how much value time that you spare & how you team up to launch campaigns. However, it is forecasted that a successful affiliate can make an average of 4 or 6 figure commission or even more.

We pay you more than others.

Our Sign up takes less than a minute.

Cookie tracking is 180 days so your efforts don’t go waste.


15. How do I sign up?

Step1: Before Signing Up, we advise you to read the Affiliate Package Agreement so as to enable you to accept the same while signing up which is a mandatory. Once you sign up as an affiliate & your application is approved that means the terms and conditions of our agreement is agreeable to you.

Step2: Go to our “ Become an Affiliate” and click on it, displays a dropdown menu of my account, in that select & click on “Create Account”. It takes you to “ REGISTER FOR A NEW ACCOUNT”, there you need to select the “Account Type”, as affiliate, then you complete our simplified online registration form for a new affiliate account and click on “Register”. Having registered, you will be reviewed within 5 working days excluding Saturdays & Sundays besides public holidays.

16. How do I know if my registration is successful?

Once you clicked the register button, you will be displayed with an alert message on the screen saying that your account has been successfully created. Besides this an automated computer generated email will be sent to you, confirming your e-mail should be approved by the administrator.

17. How do I know that I have been selected for Affiliate Package?

Notification by mail will be sent to you about the acceptance, denial, pending and account activation. In the absence of the same, you may please contact us at

18. What will be my core responsibility as an affiliate?

The core responsibility for an affiliate is to keep up with your work ethics.


19. How do I create links for my website?

Creating links is like anyone’s left hand play and takes a few seconds even for a beginner. Our site has an automatic code generator which will create HTML, and you can cut and paste into your Web site.

20. Where should I place the links on my site?

Always place links where they are noticeable and easy to access by your website visitors, for example your home page. This way you will have more chances of prospective purchases.

21. How often should I update my links?

Since the additions of new products and various offers are always on a regular practice, you should ensure in updating links to those products often. Otherwise, link to those products of your interest.

22. Can I use your content on my website?

Yes, especially approved ones to you. However, not to use the logos and content that are unapproved as you will not be able to track and claim your earnings for unofficial use.


23. Where do I find my account information & commission?

Only approved affiliates will be able to access or find the main functionality of their account information in “My Account”.

24. How do I check my commission against sales, payments & other detailed information?

In “My Account”, you will be able to check the information, under different headings i.e., all about your Affiliate Plan, Account Balance, Commissions, Payouts, Text Banners, Graphic Banners, Product Banners & Widget.