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1. What do you mean by a vendor on

A vendor, also known as a seller or supplier or an individual or company that sells goods to the targeted customers through our online marketplace called

2. What do you mean by an online Marketplace? And how are you defined?

An online marketplace is a platform or an online mall where different vendors are associated from different pockets of the country or countries to sell their products to end users known as customers. And we as an are defined as an online marketplace.

3. Who is eligible to sell with

Everyone seller or vendor is qualified to sell with

4. Where do I get to know the responsibilities and other backing about a vendor?

You may please refer to our VENDOR INFORMATION DIRECT ( VID ) for every assistance that has been defined under different headings which is available to you once you are registered as a seller on our sile, ACEINLET.COM.

5. What are Vendor Plans & how are they classified?

Vendor plans are designed in such a way to make the vendors or sellers more comfortable based on their business size, volume and distance. Sellers are classified into two main groups based on the type of plan that they choose as below:

1) SFBM:Known as Shipping Fulfilled By Merchant.

2) SFBAI: Shipping Fulfilled By AceInlet.

In SFBM, the seller called vendor or merchant will fulfill all the matters related to their orders received by themselves. The SFBM is divided into various vendor plans & the vendor needs to select the plan while applying for a vendor account .

Whereas in SFBAI, the shipping is fulfilled by the Store i.e., aceinlet (AI) which means that the logestic person will pick up the parcel and deliver it to the respective buyer or consignee without the burdon of shipping.

In both the plan there is no monthly or annual registration fee.


6. Why should I sell on

Instant Result: Because we show you instant results by ensuring that you come out successful without having to wait for years to see your fruits of labor.

Rental or Leasing zero to minimum: Because you don't need to rent high street premises, pay shop assistants or answer a lot of pre-sales queries.

Savings 60% & above: You will be saving a at least 60% or more in set-up and all operational costs unlike your offline business.

No restrictions of opening & closing time: Your online shop is open to customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week, whether you are travelling or on safari or sleeping or where ever you are on an occasion.

Publicity by digital marketing: We market your products digitally through various advertising media with all kinds of promotions on your behalf; as a result your reach will be everywhere (country-wide or global markets ), thereby increasing sales opportunities in no time.

Secure Payments: All your payments are on time and fully protected by secured socket layer.

No Registration Fee: Our Sign up takes less than a minute & yet, there is no Registration fee for SFBAI ( Shipping Fulfilled By AceInlet ) & SFBM ( Shipping Fulfilled By Merchant ).

Free from shipping troubles: In SFBAI, the products are collected from your place of operation, whether it is a shop, warehouse or home, by our professional logistic personnel & delivered at customers’ doorstep. But all other sellers under SFBM, domestic or international vendors have to make their own mode of transport by surface or air to despatch to different countries including India.

Increased Turnover with Higher Margins & Better Cash flow: Because of digital marketing & secured payment systems, your business is successful with high sales & higher margins with successful payment transactions resulting into a healthy cash flow.

7. How do I know which are the products performing well?

From sales reports of your assigned admin panel, you will be able to track product wise sales & accordingly you can increase and decrease the inventory in order to grow your business in terms of sales, customer base and profits.

8. How & where do I monitor my inventory & Sales?

That’s very simple and you can monitor either from your smart phone or laptop or from a computer from anywhere, any day & at any time.


9. How do I sign up?

Step1: Before Signing Up, we advise you to read the “Sellers Service Agreement” so as to enable you to accept the same while signing up which is a mandatory. Once you sign up as vendor & your application is approved that means the terms and conditions of our service agreement is agreeable to you.

Step2: If step1 is agreeable to you then Go to our “Become a Seller” and click on it, displays a dropdown menu, in that select & click on “APPLY FOR A VENDOR ACCOUNT”. The online application opens & you need to fill-in & do not forget to select the plan that you would like to go for it and complete the registration ( but most importantly, in the DESCRIPTION SECTION indicate the category or categories that you would like to sell so that we unlock the access accordingly ) and then finally click on “ Submit” button. Within seconds you will be displayed with a programmed alert message on the screen saying that “Your request was successfully added”. “You will receive the email with the answer later”.

10. How do I know if my application is considered?

Once you clicked the Submit button, you will be displayed with an alert message on the screen saying that “Your request was successfully added”. “You will receive the email with the answer later”.

11. How do I know if my application has been considered or approved to SELL WITH

Each acknowledged will be reviewed within 5 working days or even before, excluding Saturdays & Sundays besides public holidays & then authorized for vendor account approval. Consequently, a separate notification will be sent to your registered mail stating (say for example your business name is ABC International) “that your request for Vendor ABC International was approved or disapproved or in pending. An approved application will be provided with an administrative link in the same mail.

12. What will be my responsibilities as a seller?

You will get to know everything in detail in our Vendor Information Direct (VID)


13. Where do I find my Sales Reports & other information ?

Only approved vendor or seller will be able to access or find the main functionality of their account information in the dashboard called “VENDOR ADMIN PANEL” with the assigned password.

14. How do I check sales, payments & other detailed information?

In “VENDOR ADMIN PANEL”, you will be able to check the information like Order, Sales Reports, Shipments, Categories, Products, Features, Account Balance and many more.

15. In dropdown when I click on certain links such as “Free Consultancy, VID, Shipping Charges & Rate Card, why I am not able to access the contents instead getting blank page?

Because, only registered & authorized sellers or vendors or merchants will be able to access them.